Breaking: Danny Green Has Been Released By the Lakers For Being “Complete Ass.”

Orlando- In classic LeBron fashion, the 18 time all star told Danny Green to pack his bags Friday, after the Lake Show lost Game 5 to the Miami Heat. “We can’t have you missing wide open threes. My five year old daughter can hoop better than you. You a construction worker head ass with all these bricks!” Clearly Bron was not happy.

Danny Green was escorted to Orlando International Airport where he was then forced to fly Spirit Airlines for his flight back to LA. “It sucks man. I just wanted to help the team, but unfortunately, I’m complete ass.” It’s been a rough playoffs for Green. The man has been roasted on every social media platform for his poor performance. And unfortunately, the slander doesn’t stop offline. An LA native, and long time Lakers fan, recently told Fox LA about his plans to torment Danny Green. “Oh I’m gonna poop on his lawn. He’s been shit, so he deserves some real shit.” Safe to say Laker fans are more than unhappy with Green. He can expect a warm welcome when he comes home.