Say Goodbye to Unorthodox Athletic Scholarships – Stanford to Cut 11 Varsity Sports

I remember back in my Junior year of high school, as I was applying to colleges, I thought, man… perhaps I should have rowed, or played squash or mastered some unconventional sport in order to get a scholarship. Instead, I was the basic fuck who decided to play football and baseball. You’d think I could have used my whiteness and tried something like field hockey or racquetball, or something that only .01% of high school students do. Perhaps that could have set me apart. Gotten me into better schools. There were a handful of students from my high school that got into Ivy leagues for this exact reason. They had “Sailing Captain” or “Flute fondler” on their resume. And that’s what set them apart.

Unfortunately, it looks as if this unconventional sports route won’t be an option for students moving forward. Stanford announced on Wednesday that they will be cutting 11 Varsity Sports. The almighty Darren Rovell had the scoop. Or maybe he stole the scoop? He tweeted it at least:

It’s a sad day for lightweight rowers. Almost as sad as they day they started lightweight rowing.

Seeing as Stanford has unlimited money, I can only imagine what this means for other schools across the nation. Corona has fucked us all.