Paul Pierce Is Out of His Damn Mind

Hello All,

If you’re reading this, you know that it’s late May, 2020 (terrible year) and we’re still in quarantine (terrible word). I’d say we’ve all had enough of the coronavirus at this point. One day of it was enough.

The reality is, people are starting to get antsy. We’ve worked hard all winter, and now, it seems like our entire summer is going to be spent on lockdown. Pretty awesome… I love when the fun stuff gets canceled.

Clearly everyone’s pissed about the shitty circumstances of COVID-19, but I’m afraid that some people have actually gone clinically insane. And that’s the point of today’s article. Paul Pierce is one of these people who has gone off the rails. The dude is out of his damn mind. To give some context, Paul has been all over ESPN headlines over the past week, mainly because he didn’t list LeBron in his top 5 all time players. (You can watch the buffoonery below).

The pure hatred that Pierce has for Bron is pretty evident. The game 6 Eastern Conference Finals Game in 2012 still cuts deep for Pierce. Even deeper than those 11 stab wounds he collected back in 2000. (That might be taking it too far).

I imagine Paul Pierce still gets PTSD whenever he thinks back on this game. That Celtics team was never the same after 2012. And you know after all these years, Paul Pierce is still salty as hell. Him and Skip Bayless should date or something.

One thing’s for sure: Come for the King, you better not miss. Paul Pierce missed.