Quick Reaction to Super Bowl LIV

Alright, as you all know, I’m writing this reaction about two weeks late, and there’s a reason for that. As I’ve shared, I work in public accounting, so I am a virgin by default. But on the real, it has been busy as shit, and I haven’t had even a day in the past two weeks to open my personal computer. It’s been excel spreadsheets or google sheets, no wordpress for me.

But never mind all that. Let’s talk about some football.

Man, this season was a ton of fun to cover. I think the NFL might have actually passed the NBA as my favorite league. This year was filled with a ton of excitement, so of course the Super Bowl was nothing different.

I went to my first Super Bowl party since high school, so that was kinda cool to actually eat wings and drink beer during the game. Way better than having piles of homework to deal with on a weekend. But before I say anything else that’s meaningless, lets just dive right into this Super Bowl matchup. Oh one more thing, has anyone every actually won Super Bowl Squares? I feel like it’s the same people every year who take home the pot. Maybe that’s just me. Alright, let’s get into it.

Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

What a game this was. Super Bowl LIV. The Chiefs won by the way in case anyone missed it, or was at church or something. With these two teams, I expected a high scoring game. The Chiefs can score so quickly as we saw in the Texans game. And the Niners have also proven that they can do work against a poor defense, and apparently they can do it without throwing the ball. But just like last year’s Super Bowl, things were pretty mellowed out for a majority of the game.

You could tell there were some nerves from both quarterbacks. Pat Mahomes missed some easy throws on his first few drives. Even on screen passes he was overthrowing his receivers. Looked kinda like Trevor Lawrence in that College Football Championship. Not physically, I mean Pat doesn’t look like a female, but he did throw like Trevor on his first few drives. And then Jimmy G had his fair share of mistakes as well. As expected though. Everyone knew this dude got his ass carried by the Niners defense and running game.

I won’t give Jimmy G all the blame for the Niners losing. There were a lot of questionable coaching decisions made by Kyle Shanahan. I think especially at the end of the first half when he chose not to use his timeouts when his team had the ball with a minute and a half left. Like, do you really not trust your QB to drive down the field and get at least a field goal opportunity? And yeah, I get that Jimmy G is a shitty QB, but you still have to take that chance. If there were like 10 seconds left, then I understand taking a knee. But with a near two minutes, you have to play to score. You’re playing against probably the best offense in the NFL, and although the Niners did a pretty good job of keeping Mahomes in check, you knew that the Niners would be fucked by just playing for the tie.

My problem with Kyle “Hurley hat” Shanahan is that he’s always being cautious when he should be aggressive and then he’s always aggressive when he should be cautious. All he had to do was run the ball in the second half of that 28-3 game against the Patriots. And tonight, I’m not saying they should have run every play of that fourth quarter, but it probably wouldn’t have hurt for them to run every play of that fourth quarter.

You’re gambling your life away by letting Jimmy G throw the ball.

The game looked like it was going to be a massive slugfest at half time. I don’t think anyone would have predicted a 10-10 score, seeing as both teams put up 20+ points in the first half of each of their conference championship games. I don’t know what it is about the Super Bowl that causes these explosive offenses to just shit the fuckin bed. Just like what we saw with the Rams last year.

When the Niners took that big lead in the third, I don’t think anybody had a clue who Super Bowl MVP would be. Jimmy G wasn’t good, their run game got shut down for the most part. And then on defense, there wasn’t one specific player that stood out. Thankfully, the Niners made it much easier for the selection committee by blowing their lead. And when I say “blowing their lead,” that should sound pretty familiar to Bay Area fans.

When Mahomes threw that second interception early in the fourth, I’d say nearly everyone thought that was the game. They put together a great drive, and it was looking like they’d cut into the Niners’ lead. But once they turned it over, a lot of people were thinking, “this just isn’t their night.”

Fortunately for the Chiefs, they had Kyle Shanahan and Jimmy G ready to hand the Super Bowl trophy over to KC. Like I mentioned with Shanahan, he is always aggressive at the wrong times. As we saw in the Falcons Super Bowl, and as we saw in this Super Bowl. You have Raheem Mostert on your roster, and instead you say, “You know what, let’s let Jimmy GQ go to work.”

Going into this game, we all knew Jimmy G would have to step up in order for the Niners to have any chance. There’s no way he could get away with throwing the ball eight times. The Chiefs run defense is much better than Green Bay’s. And after this loss, after his poor performance in the fourth quarter, you have to wonder if the Niners will explore other options in the offseason. All season people had been calling him the weak link to this team, and he proved that tonight.

But enough talk about the Niners. They lost, although I’m sure they’ll be back in a similar position next year. Hopefully with a new coach and a new QB.

The real story here is Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid, two people who deserve to have this moment, and I really think they might have a dynasty on their hands.

This team just doesn’t quit. They got down big against the Texans and fired right back, they got down against the Titans and came back. And in the Super Bowl, in the biggest moment, they were able to put up 21 points in the fourth against probably the best defense in the league. I would almost compare this Chiefs team to the 2016 Warriors in basketball, in the sense that it’s inevitable that they’ll make a run. The way that the Warriors would score in the third quarter, the Chiefs are the same way in which they can catch fire at any moment and put up three touchdowns in an instant.

All in all, I’m happy for Kansas City, I’m happy for both Mahomes and Andy Reid, who will now probably get the Brady/Belichick comparison for years to come.

This year of football was a ton of fun to cover and it should be interesting to see what the XFL has in store for us now.

As always, thank you all for reading and I will be back again next week for more sports related content.