Quick Reaction to NFL Week 16

Back at it again with more NFL reactions. The season is starting to wind down, and we now have a much clearer playoff picture. This week is going to be a bit of a shorter of a reaction, seeing as it is the holiday season and most of us will be drunk for the majority of the time. I have the grandparents in town this week, so I have been pretty busy just sitting around. Now I know what it will feel like to be Freddie Kitchens next season. It won’t just be Freddie who gets fired though. After seeing some of the games this year, I think damn near half the league’s coaches will be gone after next week.

Let’s hop into a few of these matchups. I’ll be covering the more relevant games and not the ones that were a complete waste of everyone’s time.

(AP Photo/Tony Avelar)

The Niners are not as good as we thought.

For a defense that has been so elite this season, San Fran certainly had a tough time against this mediocre ass Rams team. If I were a Niners fan, I would be scared as shit that Jimmy Garoppolo is my quarterback. Just a week after the Cowboys put up 44 points against this Rams D, the Niners offense came in and looked pretty terrible for a majority of the game. Garoppolo had two picks and zero touchdowns through the first three quarters, and it really wasn’t until his late game push that he started to look somewhat like an NFL QB. Record wise, it has been a great season for the Niners, but their QB does not deserve any sort of praise. I’ve talked about all of their assets in previous reaction articles, stating that Jimmy G continues to be the main liability of this team. I can’t imagine him elevating his game come playoff time, so yeah… this isn’t a good sign for the Niners.

For the Rams, Sean McVay actually came prepared for this one. Putting up 31 points against the Niners D is quite impressive, however, allowing the Niners offense to score 34 points is not impressive at all. It’s hard to say what the future holds for McVay, but I can’t put the blame entirely on him. There was an article from The Guardian earlier this season, mentioning how the Rams’ major slump since last year’s Super Bowl has been largely due to Jared Goff’s poor performance. The Cal alum finished 24th in QBR this season while finishing 4th in the league in interceptions. It really makes you wonder why the Rams paid Goff the max. Like what has he actually proven? I’m rooting for a fellow Pac 12 alum, but it’s hard to justify keeping Goff after the lackluster performance he has had this entire season. It’s sad to say, but I think Belichick might have broken the spirit of this entire Rams organization.

I just don’t understand the NFL sometimes. It always amazes me how elite teams can sometimes manage to lose to the worst teams in the league. The Cardinals have a bright future, but they have been pretty mediocre all season. And they certainly have a long way to go before being considered a “good team.” Arizona has lost to some terrible teams like the Panthers and Steelers, yet here they are, somehow managing to dominate the Seahawks. I think Kyler is the second best dual-threat in the NFL besides Lamar, and it’s clear that the Arizona offense has a bright future. Not much else to say about that team.

For the Seahawks, Russell Wilson might be the most overpaid athlete in all of sports. The Cardinals defense is not good, and yet Russ managed to only throw for 170 yards on the game, with Seattle’s offense only putting up 13 points. I don’t know why Pete Carroll has this obsession with passing, but you’d think he could learn something from that Super Bowl loss and run the damn ball. Russ completed less than 60 percent of his passes on Sunday, all while the Seahawks decided to run the ball less than 20 times in the game. Hopefully the acquisition of Beast Mode can help Seattle feel more comfortable handing the ball off. Who knows though? It didn’t help in the Super Bowl, maybe it won’t help now.

Fun fact for those who are unaware, Mitch Trubisky was drafted ahead of Patrick Mahomes in the 2017 NFL draft. If you ever want to piss off a Bears fan, go ahead and announce that fun fact repeatedly. We know ESPN sure likes to.

I’ve mentioned in previous articles how I feel bad for Mitch and how he has been put into a much shittier position than other 2017 QBs like Watson and Mahomes. As of recent, it seems like the earlier you get drafted, the more likely you are to get screwed by going to a shitty team. The Bears had the third overall pick in that 2017 draft and then traded up to get Mitch at number two. Meanwhile, Mahomes and Watson were picked a bit later at 10 and 12, respectively. So they have been lucky enough to play on teams with a little more depth, some offensive weapons, better coaching , etc. Success in the NFL is completely based on your situation, and a lot of players become busts in the NFL because they are put into a shitty system. Just look at Mariota.

Anyways, this game between the Bears and the Chiefs was hard to watch. The Chiefs have gotten pretty hot at the right time, and the Bears are just the Bears, mediocre at best. Hopefully ESPN can get it out of their system and we can put the Mahomes vs Trubisky discussions to bed. Hindsight is 20/20 and none of these analysts were making a fuss about the Bears’ decision back in 2017.

Like the Mahomes and Trubisky debate, we see player and team comparisons made everyday in sports, mainly so these lame ass sports networks have something to talk about each day. That said, one of the most entertaining sports network feuds was Stephen A. Smith vs. Skip Bayless. The two are always picking the dumbest shit to talk about, but admittedly, some of it can be fun to watch. One thing I miss about their show, First Take, was the ongoing arguments they would have about the Eagles and Cowboys. Skip Bayless is a die hard Cowboys fan, who also likes Tom Brady and Michael Jordan, so really, he’s the worst sports fan ever. Meanwhile, I don’t even think Stephen A. is an Eagles fan, but he roots for them just for the sake of disagreeing with Skip. Although these two clowns no longer work together, it’s been hilarious to watch them talk about this NFC East rivalry this season. Both teams are terrible, but I was happy to see the Cowboys get eliminated from contention on Sunday. The Eagles don’t deserve to be in the playoffs either, but I rather it be them than the Cowboys.

As for the game on Sunday, the Cowboys went back to the game plan of completely wearing out Dak’s arm, forcing the former Aggie throw over 40 passes. This is typical Jason Garrett. The Boys had so much success against LA last week, putting up 44 points and absolutely eating with the running game. Now all of the sudden they want throw the ball every damn play and limit Zeke’s carries? What a fuckin disaster. We all know Jason Garrett is getting fired after the season, and you can see why with some of these inconsistent game plans. Just like Freddie Kitchens, Jason Garrett has an excellent running back on his roster, yet he uses the Kitchens’ method of icing his own elite player, and deciding to run the offense through a mediocre quarterback. Coincidentally, both coaches will be gone at the end of the season.

Congrats to the Eagles on beating the Cowboys. The victory is meaningless, however, as they will lose to whoever they play against in the first round.

Kirk Cousins is now 0-9 in Monday Night Football games. For those who don’t follow the NFL, first off, how have you read this much of my post? Second, I want you to know that 0-9 in primetime games if fucking terrible. Colin Cowherd had a pretty good analysis of Cousins the other day, comparing the QB’s performance to a scary movie. He’s fine during the day, easy to watch. But at night time, when it’s dark and spooky out, he is an absolute nightmare. That might be the first time I have ever agreed with Cowherd on anything. Cause it’s true, Kirk Cousins can never get it done in big games.

Honestly, I was pretty upset with the outcome on Monday, seeing that the Packers clinched the NFC North. Like everyone else in the US, I hate Aaron Rodgers, so it’s never fun to see him succeed. Even winning the division and clinching a first round bye couldn’t stop Aaron from showing his resting bitch face. Or whatever the male version of a resting bitch face is. I pray that man doesn’t win another Super Bowl. Good things should only happen to good people.

As always, I am just recapping the games that I actually watched. Nobody wants to hear about a Jets and Steelers matchup. I will be back at it again next week, reacting to games from the regular season finale.