Quick Reaction to NFL Week 15

Back again with more NFL reactions. We had another weekend of surprise wins, CTE, and Jets mediocrity. There was a nice little Oklahoma QB rivalry that had two percent of NFL fans excited.

This NFC East battle is actually somewhat entertaining with both teams at the top continuing to find ways to win. And when I say “both teams at the top,” I mean the top of the bottom. So like the winners of the special olympics. I’m glad the Eagles paid Wentz over $100 million so he could beat the Redskins. Good for them.

Lets get into these matchups.

As mentioned above, the Eagles and Cowboys keep finding ways to win. And seeing as they are both in the the shittiest division in recent memory, it was quite shocking to see the Eagles win a game by double digits. Even if it was just the Redskins, I think Doug Pederson should treat his guys to some ice cream.

Carson Wentz did his job on Sunday, throwing 3 TD passes and not a single interception. The North Dakota State alum hasn’t had the best season, but he’s doing what he can to keep his guys in playoff contention. With Agholor missing the last two games, Wentz no longer has the ability to blame players for dropping passes. We should not see any Aaron Rodgers type eye rolls coming from the Ginger Jesus. And yeah, I just learned that’s one of his nicknames. It’s funny cause I guess I’ve been calling him by his nickname all these years. Anytime I watch Wentz throw, I sit back and say, “Jesus that was terrible.” I guess I’ve been talking directly at him. Anyways, I shouldn’t be writing this much about a 7-7 Eagles team. Let me switch over to a more respected organization.

The 3-11 Redskins sit at the bottom of the NFC East and Dwayne Haskins is taking the league by storm. A shit storm that is. After taking selfies mid-game back in week 12 against the Lions, Dwayne hasn’t looked all that great at the QB position. He has a passion for the game, and that’s great and all, but so does my 9-year old cousin. And sometimes I think my cousin could make better throws than Haskins. Washington has a disaster of an organization, so it makes sense that they’re trying to make a change at head coach. Rumor has it that they’re trying to get Urban Meyer, so it’ll be nice for them to have someone who acts with integrity.

One more thing on Haskins, it’s unbelievable to me how he beat out Joe Burrow at Ohio State. Like what the hell were they thinking? If Burrow gets to the NFL and is worse than Haskins, someone reading this can eat my hat. Ok that’s enough chatter for these terrible teams.

Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Cowboys are a pretty confusing team. One week they look like complete trash, Jerry is ready to put Jason Garrett in a choke-hold, and next thing you know, they actually look like an NFL team. It seems like Dallas will never quite figure it out, but everyone does just enough to not get fired or cut. I can’t decide if I should give Dallas credit, or just shit on McVay and the Rams for losing to such a bipolar team. In McVay’s defense, the Cowboys might be one of the hardest teams to prep for just because of how inconsistent they are.

Jason Garrett finally did the right thing by taking the ball out of Dak’s hand and feeding the running game instead. Dallas had 51 more rushing yards than passing yards on Sunday, and that’s how it should be for them every week. For the sake of my fantasy team, I need them to continue to FEED ZEKE. Tony Pollard is a stud as well, and with the offensive line that the Cowboys have, I’m not sure why they shy away from running so much. If the run is working for you, why have an unproven QB come in and attempt over 35 passes per game? I don’t have much faith in the Cowboys, and I think that goes for any logical fan in the league. But they might be able to win some more football games if they stick to this run-first game plan. The past few games, Dak had been launching upwards of 50 passes a game, and it certainly wasn’t working for the Boys. I’m sure Dak’s arm will stop working pretty soon as well.

The Rams have been the biggest disappointment this year just as far as expectations. A team that was in the Super Bowl a year ago, went 13-3 in the regular season, had the refs on their side in the playoffs… they had it all, the total package. And now, sitting at 8-6, there’s no question that all 10 of their fans have stopped watching. With the 3rd place spot in the NFC West, and a 4% chance at making the playoffs, Sean McVay is probably watching all the film he can for his matchup against the Niners in Week 16. It’s a must win for the Rams, and is it possible that Sean gets put on the hot seat… if he isn’t already on there? The Rams just lost to the fuckin Cowboys, and the offense got absolutely dominated upfront by Dallas. Gurley rushed for 20 yards with 1.8 yards a carry, so that’s not very good. I think it’s also time for the Rams to put Bortles at QB. Or at least have the two guys splitting time. Ironic how, when it came to the QB choice, McVay went to Jared (he went to Jared), but he still won’t get a ring as a result. The Rams are in deep shit, and it should be interesting to see what happens to McVay after the season.

We had a rematch of the week 1 Thursday Night Football snooze fest, and this one also ended with a close Packers win. Let me just start by saying, the Packers are not a good team. Yet, somehow, they’re sitting pretty at 11-3 and the top of the NFC North. Despite the success, I’m sure Aaron Rodgers is still pissed about something. He always is.

Even with the 11-3 record, I don’t see this team making a run in the playoffs. They haven’t played any of the AFC big guns, besides a Mahomes-less Chiefs, which they still almost lost to. Rodgers got absolutely destroyed against the Niners, so you can see why I don’t have very high hopes for this team. To give the Packers and Matt LaFleur some credit though, they do always show up prepared for their Chicago rivalry. Despite a strong Bears defense, Rodgers was able to get a little bit going through the air on Sunday, and even had himself a strong rushing performance with 23 yards. Lamar Jackson called him the goat for a reason I guess. As Much as Aaron hates his regular family, hopefully he can show his football family some love after a hard fought win.

For the Bears, the loss to Green Bay snaps a three game win streak, and Trubisky’s run at MVP seems to have been short lived. After dominating the last three weeks, Mitch had a tough one on Sunday and the offense struggled all game long, putting up just three points in the first three quarters. The Bears were rolling when they had Mitch running the ball often, so I was surprised to see Nagy dial it back for this game. You’d think that a coach would want to stick with a game plan that’s been winning games, but who am I to judge? Mitch “Lamar Jackson” Trubisky is a mobile QB, and the Bears need to be capitalizing on that dual-threat.

It was disappointing, however, to see the Bears QB let everyone down in the clutch. He had that crucial interception in the fourth, which ended up costing them the game. Just when I was starting to hype this guy up, and I was saying that he’s better than Mahomes and Watson, something now tells me I might not be right about that take. Trubisky ranks 25th in passer rating, which is well behind Mahomes and Watson. He still has the same number of rings though.

The Browns vs Cardinals game had a battle between Oklahoma QBs… and the better player won. It’s pretty wild to see Kyler’s journey over this past year. From deciding to play baseball, to then switching for football in order to secure a bag faster, to then having all the haters criticize his height and shit on him after one preseason game… he’s done pretty well for himself this season. Despite the Cardinals only having four wins so far, Kyler has shown a lot of potential at the QB position. We’ve seen K1 launch some beautiful dime passes this year while also showing a great running ability. I’d give him a Russell Wilson comparison. Not just because they’re both short, but more so because they both could have played baseball and have similar athletic ability. They both also do a great job at scrambling and creating extra time with their feet. Let’s just hope Kyler doesn’t make any goal line throws once he makes his first Super Bowl. The Cardinals have a really bad defense and a really bad offensive line, so it’s been impressive to see Kyler work with what he’s got. Unfortunately he’s no longer in the Big 12, but K1 seems to have made the adjustment.

The other Oklahoma QB is Baker Mayfield, who has had an atrocious year for the Browns. I’ve roasted him in the past for his commercials, but it looks like Baker spent more time on set this summer than actually practicing football. Similar to the Cowboys, the Browns need to center their offense around the running game, and place less of a priority on passing. Cleveland has Nick Chubb, the league rushing leader, and yet Freddie Kitchens had Baker throw the ball 43 times on Sunday. Just give Chubb the damn ball and get out of his damn way. Baker has been a walking pick this year. And not the good kind of walking pick, like Steven Adams… who sets picks. After many naive sports fans predicted a Super Bowl for the Browns this year, they currently have a one percent chance to make the playoffs, which means they aren’t making the playoffs. The seat is flaming for Freddie Kitchens, but Baker and the rest of the Browns players are partially to blame as well. Odell and Baker have not been as promised this season, and I think there best move is to regroup and actually put in some work during their long offseason. That is if Odell is still with the team.

The Falcons are one of the worst, yet somehow decent, teams I have ever seen. If a team was made up entirely of 22 Jameis Winstons, it would look very similar to the 2019 Falcons. Their victory against the Niners was probably the most unexpected outcome this season, and now I’m thinking San Fran will completely self-destruct in the playoffs.

One thing is for sure, Jimmy Garoppolo is not it. Why is it that the QBs who get max money always end up playing poorly immediately after? Jimmy hasn’t been Jared Goff bad, but he has still been the biggest liability on a Niners team that is otherwise perfect. The Niners have the best passing defense in the game, along with an incredible defensive line. For offense, their running game is stellar, as they have three interchangeable running backs who can all step up when needed. They have a top 10 offensive line in terms of run blocking and pass protection and they have the best tight end in the league. For Jimmy to produce just 200 passing yards and one touchdown against this mediocre Falcons defense… it’s a bit concerning. As a reference point, Jameis and the Bucs put up over 300 yards and 35 points against the Falcons D.

For Jimmy, the Peyton Manning “Rely on your defense to win a Super Bowl” strategy might not be as realistic. This team will go as far as Jimmy can take them. And if he has more performances like Sunday, I don’t see this team making it past their first playoff game. Unless they play the Eagles. The poor play from Jimmy is to be expected though, as this is a guy who took a porn star out on a public date. Decision making is not one of his strengths.

For the Falcons, Julio Jones is damn good. We don’t talk about him as much as other guys because he isn’t wearing patek watches or calling his GM a cracker. Julio and Mike Thomas are the rare elite receivers who aren’t total divas. It’s refreshing to see, however, I’m sure media outlets wish that these humble guys would do more ridiculous shit to garner attention. The Falcons have been pretty terrible this season, and besides Miami, I thought they had a shot at being the worst team in the NFL. But Atlanta has pulled together some decent wins this season with this dub against San Fran being the most surprising. Matt Ryan looked like”First Half Super Bowl” Matt Ryan as he was able to target Julio whenever he wanted. They still have no run game whatsoever, but if Matty Ice just throws to his best receiver on every play, the Falcons should be able to finish out their season strong this year.

As always, I am only writing about the games that I watched/am interested in. Nobody wants to hear about the Chiefs dismantling the Broncos. If you have made it this far, thank you all for giving my stuff a read, and I will be back next week with my reaction to week 16. The Cowboys will face off against the Eagles and I’m not sure if anyone actually cares.