Quick Reaction to NFL Week 8

Hey hey hey (Kawhi Voice). Checking back in for week 8 of some NFL football. We had another fun filled week of some skull cracking and embarrassing turnovers. And there were surprises all around, with the biggest being an Eagles victory over the elite Bills.

Unfortunately the Cowboys were on a bye this week, so there weren’t as many teams to roast.

Let’s get into it.

To start the week, the Vikings took care of the Redskins on Thursday night football, and Kirk Cousins added to his hall of fame career. Captain Kirk didn’t throw any TDs, but he did complete 23 of his 26 passes. He was clearly locked in for his revenge game. Dalvin Cook also did well against this strong Redskin’s defense, proving yet again that he deserves to be in the ‘best running back’ conversation. Cook and Cousins have really shown their speed this season. As for the Redskins, they get a pass this time, seeing as it was the Cousins revenge game. No defense in the league would have stopped him. For the Skins offense, I have no idea what the Skins are doing with Dwayne Haskins. Are they playing him? Are they sitting him? Looks like they’re just letting him throw picks.

Dan Katz can’t be happy about this one. The Bears just can’t get it done in offense. And their coach isn’t doing much to help them. Mitch only threw one pick this game, so the loss isn’t entirely on him. I’m assuming this will be Mitch’s last year at QB, but it should be Nagy’s last year as coach too. It’s easier said than done, but their offense has to find a way to produce. The Bears are so scared to play on offense that they settle for long field goals instead of taking a risk to run or throw the ball. And, by the way, those field goal attempts aren’t working out for them. For the Bolts, Phil Rivers didn’t look great either. The father of 10 had just 201 passing yards and probably said “oh shoot” 20 times. The Chargers running game wasn’t doing much either. Melvin “Pay Me” Gordon wasn’t able to get much going on the ground. Despite LA’s struggles, they were able to outlast the shitty Bears. As they always say, “Mediocrity is sometimes enough.”

Mandatory Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

Tired of the Minshew Mania? Well too bad. The Jags got the win, so ESPN will have plenty to say about Quadzilla (not to be confused with Saquon). Gardner ripped apart the Jets secondary, throwing for 3 TDs. But to be fair, anybody could rip apart this defense. The Jets are really frickin bad. DJ Chark has been having quite the season. And his name sounds like an opening act for Diplo or some other performer in Vegas. As for the Jets, the Sam Darnold hype has really died down since his one good start against Dallas. As it should, seeing as we got the classic overreaction from Greeny and Cowherd after Darnold’s one solid performance. I know these analysts say things for shock factor, but Greenberg looked like an absolute fool saying that Darnold is better than Dak. At least Dak isn’t seeing ghosts. The Jets are fucked. Gary V can’t be happy either.

The Titans won without Mariota again which means I’m officially pissed. And Ryan Tannehill actually looked decent again, which I am also pissed about. I seriously thought his career was over in Miami a long time ago. But that’s the thing about the NFL. The majority of quarterbacks are just mediocre enough to stay in the league. We’ve even seen sub par guys like Joe Flacco finesse a Super Bowl win. Anyway, this was really just a battle of two terrible teams, and I guess the Bucs want a higher draft pick more than the Titans do. Jameis had a pair of interceptions, which is actually pretty low for him. He’s going to have to play worse if he wants to beat out Baker for the interception title.

The 49ers are for real, and their defense has been absolutely eating so far this season. The Niners sacked Kyle Allen six times, with three of those sacks from Nick Bosa. And the other two coming from that Oregon boy Arik Armstead. If Mariota can’t produce, another Oregon head will. But man, that San Fran defense is fierce, and they’re making Jimmy G’s job easy for him. All that being said about the defense, McCaffrey still did his thing, but he was the only one on the Panthers who was really contributing. Kyle Allen shit the bed with three picks, and it’s looking like the Panthers might need Cam back sooner than they thought.

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I’m running out of things to say about the Browns. Their schedule is about to get a whole lot easier, so maybe we’ll see some improvements, but they have just looked god damn terrible. Baker only had one pick this game, but it was one of the uglier plays that I’ve seen from him this season. And that’s really saying something. That might have been the worst play by a Cleveland athlete since JR Smith was on the Cavs. Nick Chubb has really been the only bright spot for this struggling Cleveland offense. As for the Patriots, they have looked darn good all season. And there was no way the Browns were going to get in their way. Belichick out coached Freddie Kitchens, which is surprising as well.

Alright folks, seeing as I am still a little behind on posting these reactions, I am going to call it good here. The rest of the games were somewhat meaningless, and I’m sure y’all don’t want my reaction on the 0-8 Bengals. (I think I’ve given Andy Dalton enough heat this year).

As always, I appreciate everyone taking the time to read my reactions, and I will be sure to continue pumping out premium content for your entertainment.