Quick Reaction to NFL Week 12

Here we are again, back with another week of NFL football, and it never seems to get old. I mean, sure we might have some boring games or meaningless matchups once in a while, but for the most part, there’s always a great deal of excitement when it’s the NFL season. Football gives us something to look forward to every week and it’s a good way of coping with the shitty weather that the fall and winter time brings.

We had some fun matchups this week so let’s dive right in.

Starting with the Titans and Jags… Ryan Tannehill is actually good and I don’t understand it. The future hall of famer shit all over the Jaguars defense, throwing for two touchdowns and then rushing for another two. That’s right, he had TWO rushing touchdowns. I still can’t believe the Jags defense gave up 42 points, and of course I picked up their defense in fantasy this week. Of course this happens to me. The Jags’ D contributed a solid negative 3 points, so I was better off just not playing anybody. A group of 12 year olds could have played defense against the Titans and likely would have earned me more fantasy points. Should have went with the Dolphins. I’ve mentioned this in prior week’s recaps, but it’s pretty frustrating to see Tannehill doing well. It appears that Mariota might have actually been the problem for the Titans all along. Especially considering the Titans lost 20-7 the last time they played the Jags.

While the Titans seem to have found their offensive weapon, it’s possible that Nick Foles isn’t the answer for the Jags. Perhaps Minshew Mania should have gotten his fair crack at the game. It was against the Titans in week 3 where Gardner got his 15 minutes of fame. Although the defense is mostly to blame for this one, I think the former Eagles #1 option could have done more to keep his team in the game. If there’s anything to take away from this game, it’s that the NFL is filled with QBs who have crazy potential, yet many of them rarely get a fair chance to display their talents. First we have Mariota, who in his defense, has played for a bad franchise his whole career. However, he hasn’t done a whole lot to make a case for himself. He’s not Jameis bad, but he’s made in-game decisions where I’m like, “Do they give out pregame Budweisers in the locker rooms?”

For Gardner Minshew, he has showed some promise, and we got to see most of his highlights earlier in the season with the whole “Minshew Mania” thing and all that. Unfortunately, the media went full Zion mode, making sure to post about Gardner whenever they could. They even created a Minshew snapchat filter. He played like three games. Regardless of the media BS, I think Gardner has the potential to do something special in this league. He’s young so we should give him time. And with quads like his… at the very least he could become a punter. Minshew and Mariota both still have great potential, whereas Nick Foles has already proved that he’s the real deal. The legend won Philly a Super Bowl and still got screwed harder than any QB in recent memory. Besides maybe Kaepernick. Foles probably isn’t losing any sleep though, knowing that Carson Wentz and the Eagles are struggling without him. I just wish Nick was on a better team, because we all know he has another Super Bowl in him. And whether that’s with the Jaguars or Eagles, time will tell.

Mandatory Credit: Stan Szeto-USA TODAY Sports

The Niners completely embarrassed the Packers on Sunday, holding Green Bay to just eight points and proving, once again, that their defense is the most dominant in the league. I’m going to hold off on judging Aaron Rodgers at least until I see how Lamar Jackson or Brady does against this Niners defense. That said, Rodgers was pretty trash on Sunday. If we’re judging QBs based on performances against San Fran, Kyler Murray is a much better QB than Rodgers. And with that said, it might be time for A-Rodg to hand over his State Farm commercials. I don’t even know if that’s his nickname. But “A-Rodg” seems more reasonable than “The GOAT.” Rodgers completed 20 passes, but only threw for 104 yards, so he was basically just throwing bubble screens the entire game. The Packers QB was also sacked five times by this dominant defense, as they made it hell for him the entire game. Rodgers is the king of blaming others, but some of his anger is justified this time around, seeing as his offensive line wasn’t doing jack shit to help him.

As for the Niners offense, I ragged on Jimmy G last week because I’m a hater, but hear me out on this. Although I credit most of the Niners’ success to the defense, I do think that Jimmy has shown an ability to step up in certain games. He certainly played well on Sunday, and with George Kittle back in the lineup, Jimmy’s job just got a whole lot easier. The Iowa alum, who is ELECTRIC by the way, had 129 receiving yards and a TD to go with it. You can try to convince me that there is a better tight end in the league, and I will kindly ignore your argument. Those Midwestern men are just built different. Kittle is a difference maker for the Niners, and he can provide them that spark that they will desperately need in the playoffs. Whatever happens, the Niners need to avoid the 2016 Broncos strategy. That is, the strategy of dominating with defense and hoping the offense can stay on the field long enough to give the defense a rest. I think Jimmy would be better off contributing to the team, instead of doing whatever the hell Peyton was trying to do for that Broncos squad.

The Browns are officially back! After defeating elite teams like the Bills, Steelers, and Dolphins, The Browns appear to be in the driver’s seat for Super Bowl contention. I’m thoroughly impressed with Baker Mayfield’s improvement, as he as only thrown one pick in his last four matchups. Looks like he’s giving the Interceptions Title to Jameis. (Winston has 20 picks by the way, which is 6 more than anybody else in the league). The Browns added Kareem Hunt and he has given them that extra kick that they need. (Get it, because he kicked his girlfriend.) The Brown’s really went from one terrible person to the next. They lose Myles Garrett, but not to worry, they made sure to add another monster just in case any of the fans would be upset. And it’s not like either of them did anything that was too disrespectful. Smacking a guy’s skull with a helmet? Kicking a girl in the face? These incidents aren’t nearly as harmful as smoking weed. It’s a good thing that Josh Gordon got a longer suspension than Garrett or Hunt. We are so lucky to have Roger Goodell.

With Baker throwing bombs, Jarvis and Odell both went off for the Browns, proving their potential to be one of the best receiver duos in the league. The only catch is that they have to be playing against a terrible secondary in order to put up numbers like this. I sort of feel bad for the two LSU boys. They both left their former teams, hoping to escape mediocrity. And now, the Giants and Dolphins are thriving without them. Odell had just his second touchdown of the season on Sunday, which is way fewer than any football fan could have predicted. Although, to be fair, he did start off the year by wearing those stupid ass watches while playing, so I feel like a poor season is the football gods’ way of punishing him. Fortunately for Beckham and the Browns, they have a very easy second half of the season in which they get to play the Bengals twice. I’ll be embarrassed for them if they lose any of these games.

For the Dolphins, I feel like I have clowned them a lot this season. The joke is on me, however, as the Phins are set to get a top draft pick, all while still having Fitzmagic in the lineup. On the real though, it’s baffling to me how Miami hasn’t been able to recruit more talent. Like how do we have star receivers choosing to go to Cleveland, yet nobody is willing to take their talents to South Beach? Hopefully they can turn things around next season. Fitzmagic can’t do it all himself. Or maybe he can.

I would never voluntarily write about the Jets, but after a surprising win this week, I’ll show them a little love. I’m not going to call Sam Darnold the truth, because he is far from it. But the second year QB has shown an ability to play well against bad secondaries. And that’s better than not playing well against bad secondaries. (See Carson Wentz). Aside from all the jabs, I will admit that the Jets looked like an NFL team on Sunday. Darnold was carving up the Raiders’ defense and the run-first QB had a nice rushing TD to go with his two scores through the air. No need for Le’Veon Bell when you’ve got scramblin’ Sam. Looking at this game, it really was a battle of mediocrity. But at least for Jets fans, this should be a glimmer of hope for the future. With a little more work, Darnold has the potential to play this well against good secondaries in the next few years.

As for the Raiders, I’m wondering if they should just cancel the entire franchise. Derek Carr went out there on Sunday and made this Jets defense look like they were the Niners, Ravens, and Patriots put together. I’m sure Oakland is kicking themselves for not keeping AB. At least if they had him, they would have only lost by 20. If I’m being honest about the Raiders, they completely suck. There needs to be some new rule where if you lose to the Jets, Dolphins, or Bengals, the remainder of your season gets canceled. I mean how can you even show your face in this league after a performance like that? A more important question: How many years are up on that Jon Gruden contract? A one year contract for him would have been too long, so I can’t imagine what made the Raiders management go, “Oh yeah, this guy who’s been out of the league for 10 years? Let’s lock him into a long term deal!” In Gruden’s short time with the team, he has made some head-scratching moves. Whether it was trading away Khalil Mack and Amari Cooper, making the conscious decision to wear a visor (this decision was literally head-scratching), or letting AB walk all over him during the offseason, it’s clear that Gruden has made some very poor choices for this Raiders team.

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The Ravens absolutely shit on the Rams, and although I wouldn’t usually write about a blow out, there are a few things I need to say about each team. The Ravens are the best team in the NFL, and they will go as far as Lamar Jackson and this defense can take them. I’m so blessed that I drafted this dude in fantasy. I mean five passing TDs to go along with 95 rushing yards? This guy is the total package and he continues to prove the haters wrong each week. You know Mark Ingram came with another hype man performance after Lamar’s outstanding game. The Ravens offense did whatever they wanted against this Rams D, and Hollywood Brown was a star in Hollywood, scoring two touchdowns for the Ravens. On the other side of the ball, the Ravens’ D has been godly all year long. And they made it hell for Jared Goff and the Rams’ offense.

I’m not sure what happened to this Rams team, but they have spent the majority of their season playing like they did in last year’s Super Bowl. Todd Gurley got as many carries on Sunday as he did in last year’s Super Bowl, that’s for sure. The Rams offense has been atrocious this year and there’s been a clear drop off from what they were capable of doing just a season ago. I understand that the Ravens defense is great, and hell, they even made Tom Brady look pretty ass a few weeks ago, but Jared Goff looked like a mix between Mason Rudolph and Jameis Winston against this Baltimore defense. I have ragged on Goff a few times throughout the season, and I think the criticism he is getting is much deserved. The dude clearly didn’t work during the offseason, so it’s no shock that defenses have him figured out so easily. I mean seriously, the Ravens made him look like Blake Bortles out there. And perhaps Blake should be taking Jared’s spot. Of course this lazy play comes after he signed his $134M contract extension. Of course he’s playing like this AFTER getting paid. Happens every time. The Rams have to figure things out. And if that means firing McVay or trading Goff, so be it. The team has gotten far too comfortable in Los Angeles, and as a result, the Rams sit far behind the Niners and Seahawks in the NFC West. Perhaps McVay can use that photographic memory of his to avoid getting blown out in his next few games.

Once again, I am only covering the games that I actually watched, so we are going to call it here. As always, I really appreciate y’all taking the time to read my reactions and I will be back again next week for more exciting content.