Quick Reaction to NFL Week 11

Hello football fans!

We are back again with another exciting recap of this week’s NFL games. This was the most exciting week yet, and when I say we had some skull crushing football, I mean that literally. Let’s get into it.

I’m going to start off with our Thursday night football game, which was truly one for the ages. I could write an entire article on this game alone, simply because a man swung a helmet at another man’s skull. But just to rewind for a quick second, I’d like to try and dissect what it was that caused Myles Garrett to try and murder Mason Rudolph.

It all happened on the last play of the game where Myles Garrett brought Rudolph to the ground on what was potentially a late hit. This is a hot take, but I don’t think Mason was happy about the hit, so he starts trying to rip off Myles Garrett’s helmet. And hindsight is 20/20, but this probably wasn’t Mason’s best decision. Although he did throw four picks in the game, so the helmet rip might have actually been one of his better decisions. Anyways, this clearly set Myles Garrett off, as he started to furiously pull off Mason Rudolph’s helmet. At first I thought they were going to do something fun like a helmet exchange, but it turned out that Myles just wanted to cave Mason’s skull in a little bit. All jokes aside, it was very kind of Myles to hit Rudolph with the open face of the helmet, because had it been the other side of the helmet that did the smacking, we might be looking at a potential murder case.

How frustrating must it be to be a Cleveland fan? The Browns had this game in the bag, they had been giving Rudolph trouble all night, forcing him to throw 4 interceptions. I’m sure Baker was probably feeling great, knowing that it wasn’t him throwing all of the picks. People are getting ready to celebrate and then all of the sudden you have a scene from The Godfather taking place in the end zone.

It was funny seeing Baker after the game, addressing the whole incident by saying “there’s no excuse for that.” Way to go out on a limb there. Of course, even when the Browns win, they still manage to dig themselves a hole.

As a result of this “incident” or rather the football version of Malice at the Palace, 33 players were fined, with both the Browns and Steelers organizations having to pay $250k each to the NFL as well. I guess Roger Goodell can only tolerate so much head trauma until he has to draw the line somewhere.

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The Patriots got a bounce back win after falling to the Ravens in week 10. But man, what an ugly game it was for both sides. Unfortunately for the Eagles, they forgot that they can only beat the Patriots when Nick Foles plays, so they weren’t able to close this one out.

Tell me if you’ve heard this before: Julian Edelman played quarterback in college. The bearded NFL vet threw one pass for 15 yards, reminding us of his versatility. Meanwhile, Nick Folk was the real MVP of the Patriots, scoring 9 of their 17 points. Having a great kicker is make or break in the NFL, and yet they still don’t get any love for the wins they bring a team. Nick Folk has scored more points this year than OBJ and yet we give Odell all the clout in the world. We need to start showing more love to the kicking unit. I need to see some punters in rap music videos.

Aside from the elite kicking unit, Brady had one rush for -1 yards, so it’s nice to see Belichick getting him going on the ground. They just need other backs like Sony Michel and James White to give Tom more help in the running game.

As for the Eagles, I didn’t expect Wentz to play well against this Patriots defense… and I was correct about that. The Eagles have gone to complete shit since their Super Bowl win, and Doug Pederson should probably be on the hot seat, along with Carson Wentz. The blame isn’t all on Carson, however, as Agholor had a key drop down the stretch. Which I’m surprised the Eagles haven’t returned the favor and dropped his ass from the roster. This is expert-level analysis, so I’ll share it for those of you who aren’t as observant. When you have a quarterback who can’t throw, and receivers who can’t catch, your offense will usually struggle.

Two of the top teams in the AFC East faced off on Sunday, and we had ourselves a good ole fashioned shootout. Josh Allen continued his MVP campaign, throwing for over 250 yards with three scores against a strong Miami defense. The Bills Mafia is on fire this year, and they’ve continued to look dominant even against great competition like the Jets and Bengals.

The Bills snapped Miami’s win streak and it’s possible that the Dolphins won’t be getting into the playoffs now. Ryan Fitzpatrick did what he could, but the rest of his team let him down. It’s wild to think about how different his career would be if he played on decent teams. Swap Brady for Fitz and the Patriots don’t lose any of those past Super Bowls. Eli would have been intimated by the beard. But in all seriousness, If Brady and Peyton were to have a child, you would get Ryan Fitzpatrick. The man has no flaws in his game, but unlike Brady and Manning, Fitz hasn’t been blessed with great coaching or teammates throughout his career. Him and D Rose are the biggest what-ifs in sports.

The Ravens absolutely shit on the Texans, and the Mike Vick comparisons keep on coming for Lamar Jackson. He even has Mark “No Neck” Ingram as his hype man now. Looking at the improvement from last year, it’s pretty clear how hard Lamar has worked to get to where he’s at now. I’m glad that the Ravens finally realized that benching Joe Flacco might be a good move for their franchise. And it looks like the Broncos have even figured that out now as well.

After last week’s impressive win against the Patriots, I had a strong feeling the Ravens would continue their dominance against the Texans. 41 to 7 though? They made this Texans team look like the Jets. I think we need to give more credit to this Ravens defense as well. They have been killing it this year. Killing it like Ray Lewis did to that person. They held the Texans offense to 169 passing yards and managed to keep DeAndre Hopkins somewhat in check. This Baltimore team is a real threat and I could see them making heavy noise come playoff time.

Mandatory Credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals chocked against the Niners on Sunday. And it’s about time a bay area team was on the winning side of one of these blown leads. The Cardinals were up 16 – 0 towards the middle of the second quarter and then slowly threw the game away. Kyler Murray is a star in the making and he’s one of very few QBs who has been able to have success against this Niners defense. He’s an elusive QB who can make great throws when he needs to. Regardless of how the Cardinals finish record wise, I would put Kyler as my offensive rookie of the year. Him and Daniel Jones are the only elite players that I can think of in this rookie class.

On the defensive side of the ball, Nick Bosa is also a rookie, but he might be the best defensive player in the entire league. I’ve said it before, but this Niner defense is legit. And although Kyler did a great job, the 49ers buckled down when they needed to and got stops. But that’s the problem for the 49ers, they are completely dependent on their defense. Maybe their situation isn’t as bad as the Bears, but it’s clear that their defense has won them a majority of these close games.

As for the Niners’ offense… I think Jimmy Garrapolo needs to be on the hot seat. If Trubisky is getting that treatment, Jimmy G should as well. Against the Cardinals he had two pretty costly interceptions that could have lost them the game. I’m still not convinced that he is the guy in San Fran, but I guess they have no choice after paying him. I imagine Kyle Shanahan walking around like, “Oh, $27.5m a year? Can’t argue with that. Let’s play him!” Jimmy reminds me of Peyton Manning during that Broncos Super Bowl. Just completely reliant on the defense.

As usual, we are only covering the games that I actually watched, so I am calling it good at this point. I don’t think anybody want to hear a reaction to the Jets vs Redskins game. Not even Jets or Redskins fans.