Quick Reaction to NFL Week 10

Hello again! We are back at it. Another week of NFL football, which means another week of commenting on Lamar Jackson’s speed, complaining about how bad the refs are, and watching kickers decide the fate of an NFL team’s season.

We are doing something a little different this week, as we will be reacting to less games, but going further with the commentary for each game. Seeing as I am a busy guy, I don’t always get the chance to watch every game, so I figured it would be better for me to go more in depth on the games that I actually watch. This is probably better than giving some BS take on games I have no knowledge of. The guys on First Take are already guilty of doing that and we don’t need anybody else doing a half-assed job in sports media.

So here we go, let’s get into it.

Lamar Jackson has single handedly saved my fantasy team this season. And by saved, I mean he has worked hard enough to allow me to go .500. So without him I would probably be dead last with the chance of having to shave my head at the end of the season. Just watching Lamar play, I really do think that running quarterbacks are the way of the future. And it’s very likely that other teams are going to try and emulate the style of offense that the Ravens are using. Very similarly to the way that many team have attempted to hire young coaches after McVay was successful. Unfortunately a copy and paste job doesn’t usually end well. (See Kliff Kingsbury)

Thinking about the star power in the NFL, it’s absurd to see the amount of hate that Lamar gets. People criticize him for being a running back, when in reality, he can throw just as well as 90% of quarterbacks in the league. He just so happens to be a great runner as well. And for some reason, quarterbacks like Joe Flacco or Andy Dalton, who are terrible at both running and passing, get less hate than Lamar. Maybe it’s a race thing. I don’t know. What’s even funnier is how critics have written off Jackson from the beginning. In the 2018 draft class, everyone was comparing Baker to Darnold, seeing which of the two would have the more promising career. And there were even sprinkles of Josh Allen. But there was nothing to be said about Lamar. People debated if he was even NFL quality. As Michael Scott would say, “well, well, well, how the turn tables.” Now it’s clear that Lamar is the stud of this draft class while Baker and Darnold are too busy either filming commercials or getting mono.

Is Mahomes suffering from the Madden curse?! Short answer: Probably not. Kermit exploded for nearly 450 yards and 3 TDs during Sunday’s game. However, the Chiefs have a lot to figure out if they want to repeat an AFC Championship appearance. To start, Andy Reid should probably hire somebody for clock management. But even that process might be too time consuming. When looking at a team like the Chiefs, it’s funny how things can go south so quickly. KC looked great to begin the season. They won their first four games with the offense looking pretty solid in each game. That was the issue though, is that you could tell KC was going to be reliant upon the offense to win football games. That became pretty clear when they gave up 30 points to Matt Stafford’s skinny face and the Lions. (The big QB has really slimmed down). Even more notable was last year’s AFC Championship where the defense gave up 37 points to the Pats, which ended up costing them their season. You think they would have learned something from that game. But just like the clock management problem, Andy Reid has not made any adjustments, meaning the defense will continue to hold this team back. The Chiefs have a somewhat easy schedule for the remainder of the season, with the exception of the Patriots. I’m confident they will make the playoffs, but it should be interesting to see how far they can go with this Big-12 level defense.

Now with all that said about the Chiefs and their issues, I will give some credit to Tannehill and the Titans. They made it look easy on Sunday, handing the ball off to Derrick “Thick dreads” Henry over and over again. Although I’m pretty salty, I’ll admit that Ry Guy made some throws when he needed to. Tannehill that is. I just call him Ry Guy. As the Oregon fan in the room, my take is that Mariota would have won them that game by double digits. And he’s beaten the Chiefs in the past, at Arrowhead, and in the playoffs. So yeah, I still think Mariota deserves that starting job, but I would also rather see him play elsewhere and get better opportunity. Like a Peyton Manning – Broncos situation. I don’t see the Titans making the playoffs, but I also didn’t think Ryan Tannehill would still be in the league at this point, so we’ll see if they can surprise me.

What in the heck is happening to the LA Rams? After watching that game on Sunday, I can just imagine all 10 of their fans in LA turning off the TV, burning their never-worn Jared Goff jersey, and heading to brunch. The Rams looked really bad, and if you would have told me at the start of the season that the Chiefs and Rams would be sitting around .500 at the midway point, with loses to the Titans and Steelers, I would have told you to get off the molly. There’s no way anybody could have predicted this. Sean McVay seems to be experiencing the Brad Stevens effect, where everyone thinks you’re a genius when you first get into the league, and then a year or two later you look just as average as everyone else, and maybe even worse than everyone else. As much as I can blame McVay, I also think that Jared Goff has been pretty terrible as well. Goff has the worst passer rating in the NFL on play-action passes, which makes it pretty damn difficult for an offense whose bread and butter is running play action. Now, I don’t think Goff is on the hot of a seat as Mitch Trusbisky is for the Bears, but it also depends on the Rams outcome this season. For now, I’d say that his seat is at least lukewarm. All I’m saying is, if you go from being the NFC Champion to then not making the playoffs, someone in the organization needs to get the Dombrowski treatment. And that someone might be Jared Goff.

As for the winner in Sunday’s game, the Steelers defense has looked impressive recently. After the 33-3 loss to the Patriots in week 1, and the season-ending injury to Big Ben, fans across the league were writing this team off. And they were probably right to do so, but the Steelers have looked decent considering their circumstances. They have a young QB in Mason Rudolph who has put up good numbers this year. And he showed quite the resilience after getting concussed af against the Ravens. I seriously though he would be done playing after seeing that hit. Watching that hit on repeat would be the perfect music video for Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.” Fortunately, Mason has made a return and he’s managed to keep this team afloat in Big Ben’s absence.

I think this photo describes Brian Hoyer’s play on Sunday perfectly. Completely lifeless. The Colts are in deep shit without Brissett, and it’s a shame because I was really pulling for them to get near the top of the AFC. Nothing like a good old Patriots vs Colts rivalry. This game on Sunday, however, might have been a low point for Indy. Hoyer threw three picks to this Miami defense. I’ll say it again, Hoyer threw three picks to Miami’s defense. There needs to be some sort of punishment for that. After Lamar Jackson threw 5 TDs against Miami and then the Pats up 43 points on them, the Colts went in and put 12 points on the board. Now, if they chose to put up 12 points to commemorate Andrew Luck, then that’s a different story. But I actually think it’s possible that Hoyer was trying to score more than 12. This team better hope Jacoby can get back to full health again.

As for the Dolphins, the 9-7 season is still in play and Fitzmagic might be the first player to get put into the Hall of Fame while still actively playing. I mean seriously, it’s insane how this man has been able to fight his way onto a team and into the starting line up for the past few years. He’s like the homeless people I see downtown who somehow have iPhones and you just observe it and go, “how did they end up with that?” He’s just always finessing his way into the best position possible and continuously making an impact year after year.

The last game I watched this week was the west coast rivalry between the Seahawks and 49ers. As expected, this game came down to the wire and ended up being one of the best Monday Night Football games we have all seen in a long time. Much better than having to witness the Giants vs Cowboys or Brown vs Jets. I don’t know what goes through Goodell’s head when he’s making these prime time game decisions. He probably treats it like every other decision he has to make and doesn’t think through it at all.

But back to the game, Seattle was able to pull this one out in the end, ruining the Niners’ perfect season. And it all happened because of a missed field goal in overtime by San Fran’s Chase McLaughlin. It was a bad miss too. If you were to judge Chase’s skill on that kick alone, you’d probably think he was a kid from Make-A-Wish. Jimmy G couldn’t believe it either. I mean his reaction said it all. I bet he was thinking, “The last time I got screwed this much I was in a hotel room with Kiara Mia.”

As for Seattle’s QB, people were praising Russ after the game, saying he had a lot of late game heroics. Honestly, I didn’t see a whole lot from him that impressed me. He threw a crucial pick in overtime that nearly cost them the game. And he should know more that anyone about crucial late game interceptions. I guess sometimes you don’t learn from your mistakes. Regardless of Wilson’s poor decision making, the Seahawks got the win in a game that felt like it was destined for a tie. I don’t think I have ever seen so much back and forth in an overtime game. Whether it was Wilson’s turnover or McLaughlin’s kindergarten soccer player-esque kick, it didn’t look like anyone was gonna come away with it. In the end, and thanks to some terrible clock management by the Niners, the Hawks were able to get the ball back, storm down the field, and kick a game winning field goal before Russ had time to throw another pick. Despite all the shade I’ve thrown to these two teams, they both are looking pretty damn strong in the NFC West and I could see them both making a late playoff push. It will be shitty for whoever gets the wild card though. Perhaps one of these teams should just move to the NFC East.

As always, I want to thank you all for reading my reactions to this week. Hopefully you like the new format of going into more detail for the games/teams I am knowledgable of.

Stay tuned for next week as I will continue with this layout. I’m sure I’ll have some opinions on the Browns vs Steelers game. Get ready, cause either Baker or Mason Rudolph will be put on the hot seat. Most likely both of them.