Quick Reaction to NFL Week 7

Another week. Yep, another week of some wonderful NFL football. I’ve had to work Belichick hours at my job lately, so pardon me for getting this piece out to you all a little later than usual. Thankfully, things are starting to slow down, so I am hoping to pump out as much content as possible over these next few weeks.

Let’s get into it.

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The exciting Thursday night games were fun while they lasted. But we all knew the Chiefs vs Broncos wouldn’t make for an exciting game. KC faced problems of their own with Mahomes going down. Thankfully they were facing Joe Flacco, so they were never really in danger of losing. The injury for Mahomes is another sign of the Madden curse. And it doesn’t help that Matt Moore came in and stepped right up for the Chiefs. We now have a QB controversy in Kansas City and you know Andy Reid will put some serious thought into his decision. As for Flacco, some passing advice I would give to him is to just not pass the ball at all. Give Rolls Royce some more carries. The Oregon fan in me needs to see a Duck running back become successful in the NFL.

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The Colts had another impressive win on Sunday, and they’re looking like a real threat in the AFC. Haters thought their win against KC was a fluke and people wanted to blame it on the Mahomes’ injury. But after this week against the Texans, they appear to be for real. (Alexa play Drake’s Back to Back). And Jacoby Brissett is looking more and more comfortable in that starting QB position. He’s all skill, the Colts don’t need Luck. (Sorry, bad pun intended). Brissett really was money though, throwing for over 300 yards to go with four passing touchdowns. And how about Zach Pascal!? I feel like this has been the year for unknown receivers like Zach and other second options such as Austin Hooper. Meanwhile, a lot of the main heads like DeAndre, OBJ, and Julio have been kept at bay this season, mainly because secondaries are so worried about them. For these less popular guys, less attention can oftentimes be a good thing.

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Well folks, it looks like Minshew Mania is back on. The Jags dropped their last two games against decent opponents, but they got an impressive win on Sunday against an elite Bengals team. And Gardner looked like a true snake, slithering away from the defense for 48 rushing yards. Lamar Jackson and Brady might be a little jealous after seeing this rushing performance from Minshew. And although Gardner is the best runner on the team, Fournette also did his thing for the Jags, rushing for 131 yards on 29 carries. That’s a little better than his 14 rush -3 yard performance a few weeks ago. And for the Bengals, although they are elite, they really aren’t elite at all. Andy Dalton had three interceptions, which I think was an ode to Brett Favre or maybe Jameis Winston. I’m not sure who Alex Erickson is, but he played pretty well for the Bengals, and he has the whitest name ever. Meanwhile Joe Mixon had 10 carries for two yards. Holy shit.

The NFL is so odd. The Ravens got blown out by the Browns, the Seahawks beat the Browns, and now the Ravens beat the Seahawks. Like, how? It’s so hard to predict how a team will match up against one another. And that’s what makes the game fun. The NFL has a lot more parity than other professional sports. And speaking of parity (parody), Lamar Jackson did his best Baker impression, throwing for under 50% with zero passing touchdowns. But unlike Baker, Lamar is considered one of the best backs in the league. The Louisville legend put up big numbers on the ground and sealed the win with a big rushing touchdown late in the 4th. Only right that Century Link provided quality entertainment. For the Seahawks, it looks like Russell Wilson is back to being old ‘halfway decent’ Russell Wilson. It’ll be interesting to see how his poor performance on Sunday affects his MVP status. Dalton has to be happy that he’s back in the race.

Skip Bayless probably creamed his pants on Sunday after watching the Cowboys dominate the Eagles. I would say it’s an impressive win for the Cowboys, but the Eagles have Carson Wentz at QB, so it really isn’t that impressive. However, it doesn’t take much for Cowboys fans to start hyping up their team. Just a week after Kirk Cousins shredded apart this Eagles secondary, we have these delusional Cowboys fans, praising Dak for having a mediocre performance against them. Cowboys fans are up there with Yankees fans as the worst fans in all of sports. But anyways, the Cowboys won convincingly and made sure to feed Zeke as much as they could. For the Eagles, yes their defense is atrocious. But Carson Wentz is not doing much to prove that he was the right QB choice for their team. They kept the wrong guy, and I think that’s pretty clear at this point. And they have a whole lot of problems on the defensive side with this Jenkins and Scandrick drama. You can always count on cornerbacks to be divas I guess.

Captain Kirk has been on fire recently. And he’s killing it against great secondaries like the Eagles and Lions. In fact, the Lions had that impressive tie against the Cardinals in week 1, so we know what they’re capable of accomplishing. Cousins had four touchdown passes to go along with over 300 yards passing. Plus an additional -3 yards on the ground. Fans across the league are now wondering if we can put him in the “Elite QB” conversation. I think if Flacco can make it into that discussion then we might as well throw Cousins in there with him. For the Lions, Matt Stafford also played really well. But the Lions have no running game whatsoever. And their elite defense was unable to hold the ‘potentially elite’ Kirk Cousins to under 40 points.

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The Danny Dimes hype train seems to have died down over the past few weeks. The Giants lost their third straight game, and you know it’s bad when your team loses to the Cardinals. Jones played decent, but he seems to have lost some of that fire that we saw against the Bucs back in week 3. Maybe him and Eli are the same person after all. They’re both pretty good run threats for one thing. And how about Saquon coming back so quickly after injury? I think those tree trunks have a much faster recovery time than the average human. But with Barkley still on limited carries (I guess 18 carries is limited), it makes it pretty hard for the Giants to develop any type of run threat. And for the winning team, Kyler Murray did his best 2009-2016 Alabama QB impersonation by doing absolutely nothing besides handing the ball off. Greg McElroy would be so proud. Chase Edmonds (great last name) stepped all the way up for the Cardinals, pouring in 126 rush yards with three touchdowns. He’s not the first stud on the Cardinals with the last name Edmonds. The Cardinals might have a running back controversy once David Johnson recovers.

Sunday’s matchup between the Titans and Chargers brought me a lot of disappointment. Mostly because Ryan Tannehill replaced Mariota’s and managed to play decently. I’ve never been this upset about a Titan’s win. I want to make as many excuses for Mariota as I can. Any QB could have beat up on the shitty Chargers secondary. Even the Titan’s punter completed a pass, so maybe it was just an easy matchup for any QB. Let’s wait for Tannehill to face a legit defense. As messed up as it is, I look forward to watching him fail in the future. And my hope is that Mariota can get moved to a better team in the offseason. Mariota’s whole career so far is an embodiment of how high drafted quarterbacks have it harder than just about anybody. When you’re a top 10 pick, it means you’re getting drafted to a very shitty team. This means you’re 100% likely to have a terrible offensive line, and you’ll probably have very few offensive weapons to work with. And we’ve seen this first hand with Mariota. (Note to self: write another article on this concept). Back to my recap. I think the Chargers are fucked. I think Rivers wants out of the playoffs so he can spend more time with his 10 kids.

This photo says it all. The Patriots had Sam Darnold seeing ghosts. And that’s a pretty festive statement from Darnold seeing as Halloween is right around the corner. The Jets QB had four interceptions to go along with 86 passing yards. Pretty spooky stat line. The Pats defense treated Darnold like some halloween candy the way they were snackin on him. This whole Jets disaster came just a week after they had a promising game against the Cowboys. And when I say promising, I mean Jets promising. So not very promising. Their young QB might have some potential and that’s the only thing Jets fans can hope for at this point. Unfortunately, any confidence that Darnold got from that game in Dallas has probably been shattered at this point. And the Patriots secondary will do that to you. Stephon Gilmore is the best cornerback in the league. And he’s made it difficult for a lot of young QBs like Darnold and Daniel Jones. It should be interesting to see how Baker is able to handle this defense next week.

As always, if you have made it this far, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my reactions. I know we are behind, but I should be able to get back on track now that work has slowed down.

I will be back in a couple days with my reaction to Week 8. Let’s see what the refs can screw up this week.