Quick Reaction to NFL Week 6

You already know what it is. We are back again with a recap of week 6 NFL football. As always, we got to witness some terrible officiating, especially in the last few minutes of the Packers vs Lions game. And how about Mariota getting benched? That has to be every Duck fan’s nightmare.

Let’s get into it.

Starting with Thursday night football, we watched the Giants get upset by the Patriots. (Yes it’s an upset). Without Saquon, the Giants had no run threat, making it a tough outing for Daniel Jones. Eli’s prodigy did what he could, but ultimately fell short against the reigning champs. Jones did his best impersonations of Baker and Jameis, throwing for 3 interceptions and only completing half of his passes. For the Patriots, Tom Brady dominated on the ground, rushing for 6 yards on 7 carries, with a pair of rushing touchdowns. Lamar Jackson might lose his title for best running back in the league.

We experienced a potential Super Bowl match up on Sunday with Miami vs Washington. Phins vs Skins as they say. Case Keenum went OFF, completing more than 50% of his passes and throwing for over 150 yards. Those are some high school JV numbers. And Terry McLaurin had two touches like a man who paid $100 at a strip club. As for the Dolphins, Josh Rosen can’t seem to catch a break. His opponents can catch his passes though. The man had two picks and quickly got replaced by Fitzmagic. Fans are claiming that Rosen hasn’t been given a fair chance, but he had a chance to not throw two interceptions. He also somehow completed 15 passes but only threw for 85 yards. That sounds like one Tom Brady short passing drive.

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The Ravens/Bengals game was a tight one. And that’s pretty embarrassing for the Ravens. Lamar Jackson, the league’s second best running back (behind Brady), had 152 yards rushing yards to go along with a rushing TD. (I wouldn’t have made the running back joke if he had actually thrown a touchdown pass this week). As for the Bengals, the Red Rocket, nicknamed Andy Dalton, has seen brighter days. And those brighter days happened to be at TCU. The Bengals might be the Knicks of basketball. Neither team can recruit a star, so they just don’t even try. As for the Bengals offense, you know it’s bad when Andy Dalton leads your team in rushing touchdowns for the day. And how about Joe Mixon’s 8 rushes for 10 yards? Those are some Brady numbers.

The Vikings absolutely destroyed the Eagles secondary, making Kirk Cousins look like he actually belongs in the NFL. And how about my guy Stephon Diggs. This man finally put up some major fantasy numbers and he single handedly won me my matchup this week. Diggs had 167 yards receiving with 3 TDs to go with it. And honestly, it was well overdue. Diggs had been putting up pretty poor numbers before this performance, so it was only right that he finally did something. And I retract my statement, saying the Vikings shouldn’t throw very much. They can keep launching the ball, but let’s just make sure it’s going to Diggs. For the Eagles, I would bash Carson Wentz, but he actually played decent. If anyone is getting roasted in the film room, it’ll be that Eagles secondary. No ice cream for Malcolm Jenkins.

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Kyler Murray just keeps looking better and better each week. But to be fair, anybody can look good against this Falcons team. The #1 pick had zero picks, and three touchdown passes. And more importantly, the Cardinals got their second win, which is two more than I thought they would get this season. (Looks like that week 1 tie vs the Lions wasn’t actually the peak of their season). For the Falcons, I can’t really blame Matty Ice for this one. The former NFC champ had 4 TD passes, one is which went to Austin “Should have played basketball with that last name” Hooper. That’s two great weeks in a row for Hooper. I might need to check the waiver wire real quick. Anyways, the Falcons have a lot to figure out, and I think they can start with playing some defense. That usually helps.

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I’m only writing about this game because Jameis Winston had five interceptions. I mean, come on now. Can the Bucs really not find someone better? A screen and roll has less picks than this guy. It’s hard to imagine what this Winston’s though process is when he’s sitting in the pocket. Or maybe he isn’t thinking at all. That would probably make more sense. Seeing how well Fitzmagic played this week for the Dolphins, you have to wonder if the Bucs regret letting their star QB move to another team. And for the Panthers, Kyle Allen has really been a great replacement for them. It’ll be hard to justify replacing him when Cam comes back from injury. Either way, I’m glad to see that at least one Aggie QB has turned out well in the NFL.

The Browns experienced a heartbreaking loss this week against the Seahawks. Baker had another 3 pick game, which just pains me to see. I hate Colin Cowherd as much as the next guy, and you know this is all he will be talking about this week. Despite the turnovers, the Brown’s offense actually looked somewhat alive this week. Odell had over 100 yards receiving, Nick Chubb had over 100 yards rushing… but they still couldn’t manage to get it done. Russell Wilson is having himself an MVP-like season and you always feel comfortable watching him play in the 4th quarter. He stays calm, cool, and collected. And you know he won’t make a mistake… unless it’s in the Super Bowl.

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The Chiefs dropped their second game in a row. And for the Texans, this was an impressive win on the road at Arrowhead. I’m starting to think there might be a Pardon My Take Quarterbacks curse. First Baker and now Ketchup man. Either that or it’s just the Madden Curse. Mahomes still played a great game, but the Chief’s defense had no answer for Deshaun Watson’s deadly rushing ability. It might actually be a three-way tie between him, Lamar, and Brady for best running Quarterback. Until the Chiefs beef up their defense, I can’t see them winning a Super Bowl. Kermit can only take you so far.

Apologies to all of those who wanted the recaps to go longer, but like a marine’s hair, we are going to cut this one short. Work has been hectic, and as you’ve noticed, we are a week behind on putting out this content. Be on the look out for next week’s reactions and be sure to leave a comment if there’s a game that you want me to react to.