Quick Reaction to NFL Week 5

Welp, you know what time it is. The NFL season is in full swing and we are back at it again with another week of reactions. With Vontaze Burfict out for the remainder of the year, it looks like Goodell has finally brought some justice to the league. Looks like he’s finally doing something to earn himself that $35 million dollar salary.

Without further ado, let’s get into some of these matchups.

The week got off to a hot start with yet another exciting Thursday night football game. The Rams vs Seahawks was a battle of attractive coaches. And Pete Carroll ended up on top. Russell Wilson had another MVP-like performance, and Tyler Lockett made one of the craziest catches I have ever seen. Talk about a Santonio Holmes moment. Jared Goff, on the other hand, looked like Super Bowl Jared Goff as the Rams dropped their second game in a row. Sean McVay was so busy memorizing his old plays when he should have memorized the formula for success. And it doesn’t get any easier for the Rams next week, as they face Nick “Flag Waver” Bosa and the 49ers.

Christian McCaffrey gave his fantasy owners quite the gift on Sunday, rushing and receiving for 237 all-purpose yards with 3 TDs to top it off. The Panthers vs Jaguars game was a close one, but the Panthers were able to put a stop to Minshew Mania for the time being. Gardner and Fournette did what they could. But the Jaguars defense had no answer for McCaffrey. You think they’d maybe try to double team him at some point? Or maybe they would have at least prepared a little bit more? He’s 90% of their offense so that might have been a good plan. The Panthers have been winning without Cam and it should be interesting to see how long Kyle Allen can successfully steer the ship for Carolina.

Deshaun Watson dominated the hell out of the Falcons, passing for five TDs and contributing to the Texan’s 53 points scored. Will (not DeAndre Hopkins) Fuller caught three of Watson’s touchdown passes. Hopkins fantasy owners are probably so triggered. Dude hasn’t been able to get in the end zone lately. Regardless, Houston’s passing game still looked good and they got themselves a W at home. On the flip side, the Falcons have been flat out terrible this season. I mean how is Julio only getting 3 receptions? They need to be throwing the best receiver in the league the ball more. I don’t care if he’s double covered. Matt Ryan will throw picks in any coverage, so he might as well take a shot.

Oct 7, 2018; Orchard Park, NY, USA; Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen (17) celebrates after making a touchdown run against the Tennessee Titans during the first quarter at New Era Field. Mandatory Credit: Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Bills Mafia showed out on Sunday, holding the Titans to just seven points. I know I have been sarcastic in weeks past, but the Bills are actually pretty good. They played it close against the Pats, and they’ve gotten it done every other week. Their defense is stepping up big time. As for the Titans, Marcus Mariota had yet another game without throwing a touchdown pass. I know he doesn’t have the best weapons, or a good offensive line, but it’s still pretty damn embarrassing that he can’t get this offense going. This dude won the Heisman for gosh sake. Every Heisman winner is supposed to be great in the NFL. Maybe Helfrich should coach the Titans.

Big boy Chase Daniel was on the scene for the Bears vs Raiders matchup. Unfortunately the Mizzou alum couldn’t get the win for Chicago, but he did, however, throw for over 200 yards with only two interceptions. Chicago might have found their new QB now that mighty Mitch is out of the picture. And 30 pass attempts means that Nagy and Helfrich might actually be comfortable with Chase throwing the pigskin. It’s not Kingsbury/Kyler comfort, but it’s getting there. As for the winning team, the Raiders were able to do some damage against this solid Chicago D. Josh Jacobs had himself a game with two rushing TDs and over 120 yards on the ground. (Let me make a fantasy trade real quick). It was “no AB no problem” for the Raiders. They don’t need him and I guess he still doesn’t need football.

There’s a new best player in Green Bay named Aaron, and his last name ain’t Rodgers. That boy Aaron Jones went off on Sunday for the Pack, scoring 4 TDs with over 175 all-purpose yards. The Packers dominated the Cowboys in the first half, but let up in the second half, as they always do, making the game too close for comfort for any Packers fan. As for them Cowboys, Dak wasn’t looking too hot on Sunday. The man had three picks, and was unable to complete the comeback in the second half. Jerry Jones better hold onto that giant check. As for their running game, Zeke has really been underperforming this season. And of course it’s happening right after he got his money. Looks like he’s doing his best Hassan Whiteside impression.

The Browns had a very rough performance on Monday night. The 49ers defensive line was creating trouble for Baker all night long, as they sacked him four times, and kept the pressure on him all game long. It feels like that’s been the story for the Browns all season long. With Baker scrambling every play, sometimes preemptively, the Browns have been unable to get anything going in the air. OBJ fantasy owners can’t be happy that he’s throwing more passes than he’s receiving. For the winning team, the Niners are on the rise, and their defensive line is leading the charge. Nick Bosa was talking smack all game, and the Oregon boys, DeForest Buckner and Arik Armstead, were bringing the heat as well. I still won’t admit that Jimmy G is good, but he isn’t that bad either.

Speaking of former Tom Brady backups, Jacoby Brissett led the Colts to an impressive victory over the Chiefs. The Colts defense did a great job locking down Mahomes, which was partially thanks to an ankle injury that Ketchup Man suffered in the first half. Injury or not, the Colts D really stepped up, only allowing 13 points against an offense that has been electric all season long. The Chiefs will likely have a deep playoff run, but I could see the Colts being right there with them.

Seeing as the rest of our matchups this week were pretty meaningless, we won’t need to dig deep into any of the pointless matchups like Patriots vs Redskins or the Eagles domination of the Jets. (Yeah somehow the Eagles dominated someone).

Once again, if you have made it this far, I really appreciate you for reading my content. We will be back next week to react to more of the head-jarring injuries and terrible officiating.