How Boogie’s Injury Impacts the Lakers

The Lakers took a big blow this week when Demarcus Cousins suffered a brutal knee injury while scrimmaging in Las Vegas. The injury, later revealed to be a torn ACL, is just one of many serious injuries that Boogie has experienced in the past two years. With a torn achilles in January of 2018 and a torn quad in April 2019, Boogie has had some terrible luck as of late. The news is devastating for Boogie and the Lakers, seeing as Cousins will miss most -if not all- of the upcoming season with this injury.

Now, you may be thinking, “It’s not like Cousins has been performing at an all-star level. Is this really that big a loss for this Laker team?” And to that I will say: although Cousins hasn’t been himself for a few seasons now, he certainly provides that big-man spark that is much needed by any team. Take games two and five of the NBA finals as an example, when DC played a critical role in helping the Warriors win a couple must-win games.

With the attributes of an NFL linebacker, Boogie is a center that any team could benefit from having. The big boy has incredible strength, he hustles, and he is surprisingly athletic considering his size. His only negative quality is that he can sometimes be an emotional lesbian.

This injury also sucks cause we don’t get to see the AD and Cousins duo that everyone was anticipating. When the Lakers signed Boogie, everyone was raving about how the combo of him and Anthony Davis would be too much for other teams to handle. (Did they not see what happened in New Orleans?) Whether the tandem of AD and Boogie would have been overpowering or not, we likely won’t get to see them side-by-side this season.

Now for the Lakers, it should be interesting to see how they improvise in this situation. Even with this new era of small ball, it’s still pretty necessary to have some big meat down low. And as of right now, they don’t seem to have any type of plan. Kyle Kuzma has apparently stepped up, saying he would play center, but we’ve all seen what happens to Kuz when he tries to guard someone in the post.

Another option for the Lakers is JaVale McGee. With a 7′ 6” wingspan and a good vertical jump, McGee has the length and athleticism that is needed at the center position. However, the Lakers could certainly use someone who’s at least half as thick as a snickers bar. The Lakers need a real center, and according to reports from ESPN, they have been eying Dwight Howard as an option. After hearing this news, the only thing I could think was, “Now this is going to be fun!”

In the famous words of Jim Halpert, “Yeah, trust me. That would be fun for no one.” If we’ve learned anything from history, having Dwight on the Lakers is not what this team needs. When Dwight joined the Lakers back in 2012 to join forces with Steve Nash and Kobe, people were hyping the Lakers, claiming that they would become the next big 3. (Keep in mind, this is back when super teams weren’t that super). In reality, this team ended up missing the playoffs, and Kobe just cussed out Dwight all the time.

That’s not to say it would be the same case now. With the rumors surrounding Dwight Howard over the past year, the Lakers locker room would definitely be free of distractions with him on the team. Just as long as Kuzma doesn’t walk in looking too cute.

In all seriousness, it should be interesting to see what the Lakers end up doing. I think they have the pieces right now to be top contenders in the Western Conference, but like I said before, any additional big meat would help considerably.

As for Demarcus, I’m really hoping that he can comeback and be that intimidating big man that used to just dominate the fuck out of defenses. I think back to his 55 and 13 performance against my Trail Blazers, it’s hard to neglect how dominant this dude was. A healthy Boogie is like prime Shaq without the free throw trouble. And I really hope we can see him back in action sooner rather than later.